A b o u t

I am a Chicago-based artist. I received my BFA at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago with a concentration in photography and have been published internationally in both print and digital magazines. I work with various mediums but have found myself currently focused on alcohol ink and resin.

From within my work, I share my imagination and fantasy with others, carrying my Dreamworld into real life. In my photography, I use a combination of fashion and conceptual fairytales to create a refuge from the mundane, captured and told within a series of images. Similarly, each alcohol ink painting represents emotion and sensation, and can stand alone as a single story. It also can be found as a smaller piece of a larger whole, just like the cycling and complexity of the human experience.

I tell my stories using color film and Polaroids, as well as alcohol ink, gold leaf, and resin. I continue to shoot as a freelance photographer and curate my shop, LaurelGuidoArt on Etsy, where I sell and share my passionately created pieces with the public.


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